Wednesday, July 14, 2010

World Cup Thoughts

This year's world cup was filled with a lot of ups and downs.

Germany's run to the semi's was awesome. I only got to see a couple of their games, but what I saw was awesome. Germany ran over England. For being a team of youngsters, they played with huge poise. Granted, the english supposed "goal" was tough for england to bounce back from, but for germany to rebound and score two more goals in the second half I was impressed.

Then, the game against Argentina was pure magic. Never have I seen such a dominating performance on such a large stage. Everyone thought this would be a highly competitive match, and for Germany to win 4-0 without any real challenge was impressive.

Germany Spain was a catastrophe. Spain dominated from the get go with germany really never looking like they had a chance. klose's ball to Ozil at the end of the first half should've put us up, but Ozil, as was typical throughout the tournament, botched his touch and couldn't get off a good shot. I don't understand how people like him and how he was nominated for tourney mvp. Every game I watched he dribbled too much, constantly lost the ball, and just looked weird. He reminded me of Frodo from LOTR after he was stabbed by the evil guy's sword and was just really pale. THat was Ozil. Terrible and not deserving of the praise that they lamented on him in the 3rd place game.

3rd place game coincidentally was one of the great games of the tourney. Uruguay played amazingly and germany was even better without playing key players (podolski, lahm, klose)

USA played splendidly as well, minus the fact that they went down after about 5 minutes in every game. THat was annoying, but they made up for it by winning the group. I'm still shocked about the number of people that came out to support their run. I was very happy to go to the bier garten in albany and see the place filled and the entire block shut off so we could watch the game under tents in the street. SWEET

two things really irked me about the tournament.

1) the diving. I have never seen so much diving from any team besides the italians. The italians I expect it from and despise, but from every other team it was a shock. It really disrupted the pace of the game and made me detest soccer. It made everyone look weak and like whiners. THats not how you play.

2) suarez from uruguay did not deserve to be booed for keeping his team in the tourney. His handball single handedly (haha) kept uruguay in the tourney. Ghana would have gone through if not for him giving them the chance, and I can't believe people were mad about that.

ok, class is over but i do have some more thoughts i'll write later.

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  1. I actually disagree on Ozil- from what I saw of him he did pretty well, at least up until the Spain game. That game... nobody on our team did well. The tightly coordinated German defense and offense just fell apart completely... I mean, I know Muller got the Golden Boot, but him being out of the game did THAT much damage?

    Anyway, my world cup thoughts are going live mid tomorrow. But the tactical hand ball was both awful and AMAZING, I agree.

  2. I just read your blog, Sieg - very funny and very interesting - I just got back from my trip out West, so I'll see if I can put up some of the more interesting and beautiful photographs that I took - Hans